What is your COVID Promise?

"Support my local community by eating out as often as possible at local establishments. My family has also committed to visiting Italy as soon as this passes to support their tourism economy. "

- Brian, Virginia , US

"Stay isolated in my home until the end of April and assist neighbors with phone calls and notes of encouragement."

- Bonny, California, US

"Shop more frequently with small businesses and to visit a new local restaurant every week over the summer!"

- Kalie, MD, US

"We promise to remain open to our clients, to maintain the highest quality care and deliver their essential medications to them."

- Dr. Wahome, Nairobi, KE

"My family promises to takeout/visit our local restaurants 2x per week, we will mindfully shop local for everything to help support and rebuild our vibrant community. We can do this together!"

- Kirsten, MN, US

"Stay calm - stay informed - help those around me where I can."

- Tim, Illinois, US

"Ask my friends and family members to Pay It Forward to all the service people they will not be able to use during the month of April...ie Hair Dresser, Nail Salon, Housekeepers, Regular Waiters, etc."

- Kathy, GA, US

Join millions of people and businesses who are committed to taking action and want to stop spreading the fear of the COVID-19 Virus. Start the recovery process and make your COVID Promise today to rebuild lives through the economy and support of your customers and neighbors of the world.

Spread the Promise, Not the Virus

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The Mission:

Uniting our country and planet by pledging to promote confidence, and to rebuild our lives through awareness and by Spreading the Promise, Not the Virus.

Spread the promise, not the virus.

The COVID-19 virus spreads from person to person.  It’s the rate at which the virus spreads or reproduces which is causing us to be afraid.  We must pledge to spread the COVID PROMISE faster than the fear or the virus so we can live our lives after COVID-19.

Stand with all of us and pledge to Spread the Promise, Not the Virus.  The sooner that all of us can shop, visit with friends, run our businesses, play sports and more…the sooner we can live our lives.

How can my business take action now?

Businesses are critical to our recovery—for both their employees and the customers they serve. Make a promise that’s unique to your business, employees, and customers. Find ways to support your employees during the crisis, adjust your business model to keep customers during the shutdown, and offer incentives to get customers back in your store when conditions are safe. Overlook a Quarter’s profit to keep your employees, offer Black Friday sales in July for your customers, continue with that capital investment project. Make a commitment to put employees and customers first. Spread the promise, not the virus.

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How can a consumer take action now?

Consumer spending is the most important factor in the economy. Find ways to support businesses both during the crisis and afterward. Make promises to get back into your favorite store when they reopen, reschedule the vacation you postponed, eat out at your neighbor restaurant, do back to school shopping when school resumes, and finish that home remodel. Commit to not be afraid—because like the virus, consumer confidence is infectious. Spread the promise, not the virus.

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